Is Google developing its own video game console?

A video game console from Google? Would it want to know my location? Would it be seamlessly integrated with my sofa? Would it hurt??

It’s tempting to let the imagination work overtime but the word on the street (and by “the street” I mean the internet) is that Google is developing some sort of video game hardware that could take on those small-time players over at Sony and Microsoft.

According to a post on Kotaku, Google’s method of attack will be three-pronged: a streaming platform, a piece of hardware, and an aggressive recruitment drive. Yikes.

Of course, this isn’t outside the realms of fantasy; if someone told me that Google was about to launch its own footwear range I’d be like, wuuuuuut. But we’ve known for a while that this is an area that Google is deeply interested in. Moreover, the company recently acquired Phil Harrison – formerly of PlayStation and Xbox – and I doubt he was hired simply because he’s a whizz with numbers.

So – assuming Google isn’t solely looking to develop a super-powered streaming service that could run the likes of Horizon Zero Dawn on even the most basic of laptops – what exactly would a Google console look like?

Well firstly it would be white, wouldn’t it. It would be pocket-sized and cute with curved edges, not unlike the PS1 from the back-end of the 90s. I would probably need to sign in before it would let me play anything, after which it would “helpfully” connect my YouTube account with my Gmail account with my games library with my toaster. I reckon it would retail for about £99 as well, and become a ubiquitous staple of the global living room – the Nintendo Wii of its generation.

And the name? GooglePlay Plus. Naturally.

Okay, that’s the last of my prophecies for today. What do you think about the possibility of Google entering the console market? Does it excite you? Does it make you groan? Let me know in the comments below.

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