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PlayStation 5: What is ray tracing?

Ray tracing… Sounds like a 60s soul singer. If you’ve been following the PlayStation 5 news over the last few months, you may have seen this phrase pop up time and again as one of the console’s unique selling points. Yep. Ray tracing. The PS5 has it. I’m not sure if this post will be of much use to anyone […]

sega game gear micro
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Where can you get a Sega Game Gear Micro?

Are you hoping to get a Sega Game Gear Micro? Look no further! It shouldn’t be a problem… if you live in Japan ūüėČ In June, Sega announced a brand new console for its Asian customers. Known as the Sega Game Gear Micro, the handheld comes in a variety of colours (each with their own specific game libraries) and at […]

tomb raider tombs
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Top 5 Tomb Raider tombs

Which are the best Tomb Raider¬†tombs? Well there are a lot to choose from – 14 years’ worth, in fact, and I’m fairly certain I’ve played them all, give or take the odd DLC. And they tend to divide us raiders; some people can take or leave them, and don’t mind if Lara takes a detour into a Parisian nightclub […]

sword and shield dlc worth it
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Is the Pok√©mon Sword and Shield DLC worth it?

Is the Pok√©mon Sword¬†and Shield DLC worth it?¬†That’s a difficult question to answer when it hasn’t been released yet ūüėõ But we know a bit of info already. For starters, the Expansion Pass will cost you ¬£26.99, which is about ‚ā¨30.00 or $33.00. This will grant access to two new pieces of content – The Isle of Armor, launching on […]

how to beat okumura boss
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P5R: How to beat the Okumura boss

So you’ve been having a great time in Persona 5 Royal. You’ve nailed the combat system and you’re pumped as you battle your way to the end of Kunikazu Okumura’s palace. But how to beat the Okumura boss?! When I reached this point in P5R, I was blindsided. Everything was so different. I could no longer trigger an all-out attack. […]

bring back classic lara croft
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Is it time to bring back classic Lara Croft?

We need to bring back classic Lara Croft! Of course, Tomb Raider¬†fans are used to losing her; she was buried under a pile of rubble at the end of¬†The Last Revelation, and in the closing moments of¬†The Angel of Darkness¬†she disappeared into the shadowy world of development hell (the publisher Eidos had just fired her creators!) Of course, there’s been […]

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P5R: Is Persona 5 Royal worth it?

When I first loaded¬†Persona 5 on my PS4 in March 2019, I couldn’t have predicted the extraordinary journey it was going to take me on. Like many people, I fell instantly in love. I suddenly found myself craving a bedroom above a coffee shop in Yongen-Jaya. I wanted to eat ramen with Ryuji. I can safely say that Persona 5 […]

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Crash Team Racing vs. Team Sonic Racing: Which one should you buy?

Every once in a while we find ourselves paralysed by indecision. PlayStation or Xbox? Fortnite or Apex? Charmander or Squirtle? Over the next couple of months, gamers of a more thrifty ilk will have to make a tough judgement call between two beloved franchises, both of which are launching colourful racing games.¬†First we have¬†Team Sonic Racing¬†due out on May 21st […]

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Will two new Nintendo Switch models be announced at E3?

If you’ve recently bought a Nintendo Switch, prepare to weep into your copy of¬†Smash Bros.¬†Rumour has it that the tech giant is about to launch two brand new Nintendo Switch models at this year’s E3. Oh yes. Now there’s been some speculation about an ‘updated’ Nintendo Switch for some time. The news was first touted by The Wall Street Journal […]

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Is Cuphead going to join the Smash Bros. roster?

Oh man.¬†Cuphead. I’m reluctant to say this owing to the roasting one reviewer received for his inability to play the game… But Cuphead? Yeaahhhh¬†I suck at it. And I’m also not great with¬†Smash Bros.,¬†although my brawling skills are gradually improving. So what would happen if Nintendo went out on a limb and combined these two punishingly difficult franchises?! It’s fair […]

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Will Google Stadia be any good?

Yesterday, the fledgling start-up company Google announced that it was launching a brand new gaming platform. Titled Stadia, the new service promises to deliver better-than-console quality gaming without the need for any actual hardware. Oof. Basically, all of the games will be running in a top secret Google powerhouse and will be transmitted by the power of the internet onto […]

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There’s a brand new Sonic game on its way

In news that will either delight or terrify you, it would seem there’s a brand new¬†Sonic¬†game in the works. And no, I’m not referring to the upcoming¬†Team Sonic Racing, which is due out in May (exciting though that is!) The news comes courtesy of the head of Sonic Team – Takashi Iizuka – who took to the stage at the […]

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I’m not ready for a diskless console

Rumour has it that the next iteration of Xbox hardware will be a diskless console. Now this makes a lot of sense – apparently, 80 per cent of video game sales (in the UK at least) are now digital, so you can hardly accuse Microsoft of trying to impose a lifestyle onto unwilling consumers. Like it or not, digital is […]

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Pok√©mon Sword and Shield: Three reasons to be excited

Dang, it wasn’t called Pok√©mon Crown after all ūüėõ I can’t help but chortle though… The internet was surprisingly close! Yesterday, Nintendo announced two brand new titles for the Pok√©mon franchise, coming to the Switch in late 2019. Titled Pok√©mon Sword and Pok√©mon Shield, these new games have been hotly anticipated ever since Nintendo launched its nifty handheld console. And […]