Mysterious tweet: Could a PS5 announcement be imminent?

A cryptic tweet from PlayStation Russia has sparked some lively debate in the darker corners of the Twittersphere. (If a sphere can have corners.) Could a major PS5 announcement be incoming?

Here’s the offending tweet, for those of you who speak Russian:

Now, unless “Приготовьтесь #длятехктоиграет” means “PS5 announcement #VerySoon” we will have to use our powers of deduction and razor-sharp insight to try and discern the message that Russia is trying to send us.

My first theory – just to throw a real curve ball – is that this is actually confirmation that Sony is about to announce the PlayStation 10 (X of course being the Roman numeral for 10.) It would be a deliciously ironic nod to its rival Microsoft, who decided that its Windows operating system was too good for a lowly number 9 and leapt straight to double figures when it rolled out its latest upgrade.

However, I somehow doubt this theory given that the image clearly shows a PS4, and I’m not sure why the Russian PlayStation account would be given Twitter exclusivity on this. Unless of course Sony is developing a console specifically for the Russian market which, you know, could happen. Let’s not rule these things out. “#длятехктоиграет” could mean “#RussiaOnly” for all I know.

My second theory is that this supposed ‘PS5 announcement’ is in fact an indication that backwards compatibility could be on its way. This would be fantastic news! Imagine a world where you could just insert all of your PlayStation titles into one machine and ACTUALLY PLAY THEM. (Oh man… It’s been so long since I played Shadow of Memories!) I’d so love this to be true. Even if it would mean moving to Russia.

My third theory is that Sony is hinting at some sort of cross compatibility with Xbox and the Switch, and right now this is the possibility that feels more likely. The way you have all those electrons zipping around the PlayStation nucleus along with the iconic X symbol (which can also be a cross) suggests movement and connectivity and chemistry. It would mean that people could enhance their friendships with players on other systems, and friendships are all about chemistry ey? Oh yes, it all fits.

Moreover, Sony’s felt a lot of heat recently, particularly in the wake of Fortnitegate where the corporation was blasted for not letting Battle Royale players on the Switch and Xbox form parties with their PlayStation friends. As such, the brand is in desperate need of some positive PR.

Whatever this turns out to be, there are strong indications elsewhere that a PS5 announcement could be made in the next few years, so we might not have to wait too long to find out.

In the meantime, I guess it’s a case of ‘watch this space.’ And learn some Russian.

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