Hoping to buy Octopath Traveler? Good luck!

Being able to buy Octopath Traveler could actually be the biggest challenge of the Switch’s latest JRPG – given that it’s sold out everywhere.

Okay, I mustn’t downgrade myself to sensationalist, apocalyptic journalism. It’s not sold out everywhere. That would be ridiculous. It’s no Crash Bandicoot 😉 However, customers hoping to buy Octopath Traveler at amazon.com might have to wait a while, as it’s currently showing as out of stock. At the time of writing, it’s also unavailable at amazon.fr, and amazon.de was telling me that “Nur noch 2 Stück auf Lager!” which either means that I should get stuck into lager, or that Amazon only has two copies left.

It was much better news at amazon.co.uk, however, where it was all very much business as usual. “Problem? What problem!”

Of course, in the age of digital downloads, the mad rush to snag the latest titles can be easily circumnavigated if you’re happy to pass on the cartridge, case, and the sense of genuine ownership. It still blows my mind that games can “sell out” in 2018, as I mentioned in my Crash Bandicoot piece (link above) but, hey, it’s great news for Octopath Traveler.

Moreover, things are looking great over on Metacritic, with the game currently showing a Metascore of 85 and a User Score of 8.3.

Speaking personally, I find myself going green-eyed with envy as I write more and more pieces on the Nintendo Switch. Ironically, running this website means that I have far less money with which to indulge in a new console. (Had I stayed at my previous job, I would have had no problems treating myself.) Oh well – it’s still great fun writing about this stuff, and we are in the age of YouTube so at least I can watch other people play it!

Have you been able to buy Octopath Traveler? Are you still waiting? If you own a copy, are you enjoying it? Comment below!

If you are in the UK, click here to buy Octopath Traveler on the Switch and help to support this site.

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