Say hello to the new Pikachu charger!

The world is now a happier place – there’s a new Pikachu charger for sale! Or at least there will be. If you live in Japan.

I’m back-peddling all the time. Cheer up though – it’s good news! Nintendo has announced this rather fun Pokémon-themed device to brighten up your bedroom, which is basically Pikachu’s backside, BUT if you stop and think about it, it makes a lot of sense. The idea behind this gizmo is that it looks like the Electric type Pokémon is leaping through your plug socket and sending energy to your USB device.

Moreover, this Pikachu charger looks a lot more, uhh, ‘tasteful’ than the unauthorised knock-off that had been doing the rounds from China, with the USB port being… somewhere else entirely. Fortunately, on this officially-licensed iteration, users can connect their device to Pikachu’s stomach, making it a better day for everybody.

These chargers will be retailing for a whopping 2,300 yen (roughly $20) so it won’t break the bank, but whether you will actually be able to get hold of one is another question. It’s not inconceivable that these could make their way to the United States at some point, but Europe? Even the UK? We’ll have to wait and see.

Could you be persuaded to buy the new Pikachu charger? Are there any other Pokémon you’d like to see sticking out of your wall?? Let me know in the comments below!

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