It’s official: PlayStation is the most relevant gaming brand in the UK

PlayStation has ranked third in the UK for brand relevance, according to a recent report. The investigation, conducted by Prophet, surveyed 11,500 UK consumers and measured their feelings towards 240 different brands, ultimately concluding that PlayStation had the most meaningful impact on people’s lives. (At least, compared to its gaming competitors.)

But who was the overall winner? You probably won’t faint in amazement when I tell you that Apple took the coveted number one spot, followed by toy giant Lego, with Nintendo landing in 11th place and Xbox at 17. This may sound a bit disappointing for fans of the world’s most powerful console, but to put it in perspective, the video juggernaut YouTube landed at number 24, and Instagram was “slumming it” at number 40, so it’s still a very impressive result for all of the gaming brands. Heck, I’d be chuffed if I was even included in the survey!

Exclusive content such as God of War has aided PlayStation’s relevance, according to Sony.

PlayStation’s high ranking is undoubtedly because of how well its system has sold over a prolonged period of time. This is probably true for Nintendo as well, although it’s perhaps more impressive for Nintendo given that the Switch is still a relatively new entrant in the gaming world.

As for how Prophet measures consumer relevance, it’s worth downloading their report and having a peruse. Don’t worry – it’s very easy reading and there are lots of pretty pictures 🙂 But the main observations are:

  • The best brands have shifted from a customer mindset to a user mindset.
  • They have focused on delivering services that are “life enriching.”
  • They present themselves as companies with a wider purpose as opposed to simply selling good products.

This is what PlayStation had to say for itself in the report:

“Our ‘For The Players’ customer centric focus means we continue to develop award winning content such as Spider-Man, Horizon Zero Dawn and God Of War, all of which are only available on PlayStation. Exclusive content is married with investment in innovative new ways to play such as 4K HDR, VR, PlayLink, PS Now – our streaming platform – and our community, PS Plus. This enables Players to compete or co-operate with one another and enjoy a unique, instant and immersive experience every day so PlayStation can remain the best place to play.”

Yes Fortnite players – abandon your Switches 😉

Speaking personally, PlayStation certainly plays a relevant role in my life given that it’s my console of choice, and I use it daily – not just for games, but also for streaming services such as Twitch, YouTube and Netflix. And as for the other UK respondents, Apple also plays a big role in my life as I’m an iPhone user. As for Lego… nooooooooo. Too expensive. (Not like those dirt-cheap Apple products…)

How about you? Which brands are the most relevant in your life? Is your world ruled by Lego? Is the Xbox your gaming console of choice? Let me know in the comments below.

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