Is a classic Nintendo 64 console coming out this Christmas?

Hot on the heels of the announcement that Sony will be releasing a pre-loaded PlayStation Classic in time for the Christmas rush, some interesting news relating to the classic Nintendo 64 console has come to light. Indeed, there’s a chance that Santa himself could be delivering it.

The rumours of a special N64 – complete with pre-loaded games – have been around for a while, particularly after the success of Nintendo’s classic NES and SNES systems which people went crazy for. The latest excuse for optimism / conspiracy theory (delete as applicable) comes in the form of a rather interesting trademark request that Nintendo has filed. And it looks very familiar.


Interestingly, Nintendo originally filed for this trademark over a year ago, so it’s taken a long time for it to be registered and approved. Apparently this isn’t unusual in the trademarking world, with some applications taking up to 18 months to get the nod, so you’d better start planning ahead if you want to add the coveted TM to your invention. However, given that the above graphic pretty much represents the classic N64 controller, does this mean that it wasn’t always trademarked? Colour me unsure. Unless there’s something about this specific graphic that Nintendo wants to protect. Maybe it could be a brand ‘stamp’ that Nintendo wants to use in printed media, and on packaging?

Now, this could relate to some kind of nifty add-on for the Switch, or it could be a clear sign that Nintendo is making moves to release a classic Nintendo 64 console sometime soon, maybe even in time for the festive rush. In which case, it would be a very Nintendo Christmas for gaming fans, what with the release of the new Pokémon title and the low profile IP that is Super Smash Bros. Certainly, even if this trademark turns out to be unrelated, it’s safe to assume that Nintendo would consider some kind of nostalgic, pre-loaded N64 in the near future. (They haven’t said anything to indicate that, but come on, we all know they’re thinking it.)

Note the interesting controller silhouette on the GoldenEye art…

If so, I’m sure there are a large number of games that retro fans would love to take another crack at. Undoubtedly, 1997’s GoldenEye would be at the top of most gamers’ wish lists, perhaps followed by the likes of Super Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, Star Fox 64 and indeed any other game with a 64 after it, except maybe The Legend of Zelda titles 😉

Okay then – here’s a scenario for you. If Nintendo does indeed announce a classic Nintendo 64 console in time for Christmas – alongside the similarly-timed PlayStation Classic – which one would you go for? Or would you choose neither? Or both?? Let me know in the comments below.

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