Is Sonic Colors coming to Steam?!

Could it be? After eight years of isolation on the Nintendo Wii? Is Sonic Colors coming to Steam?!

The idea isn’t as crazy as it sounds, as eagle-eyed Twitter user @Tracker_TD spotted an unusual piece of artwork promoting the upcoming Steam Sonic sale…

As you can see, the promo art shows graphics from Sonic ManiaSonic & All Stars Racing TransformedSonic Generations and, uhh, Sonic Colors. Stay calm, this is not a drill (or even a hoax.) The @Sega Twitter account also posted the same photo, but it was soon removed when it became subject of intense internet scrutiny. I can’t think why!

For those of you who are out of the loop, Sonic Colors was a surprisingly good Sonic title that came out on the Nintendo Wii in 2010. Set on a vibrant interplanetary theme park (run by Dr Eggman, no less) the game followed the blue hero’s quest to rescue the enslaved Wisps, mysterious alien creatures with the ability to grant special power-ups. Such was the popularity of these Wisps that they want on to make a number of return appearances in the Sonicverse, most recently in 2017’s Sonic Forces.

So it goes without saying that Sonic Colors is a much-loved title that would certainly be lapped up if it was re-released on a non-Nintendo platform. The unusual Steam sale image throws a crumb of hope to those of us who are eagerly waiting to give Sega our cash, but we need to manage our expectations. It could be that the graphic was put together by somebody who didn’t know that Sonic Colors was unavailable on Steam; they may just have Googled “Sonic games” and pulled the best images that came up.

download (1)
Sweet Mountain in Sonic Colors.

On the other hand, it could be that this artwork has been unleashed erroneously, and it may well be that we can expect some good news on the Sonic Colors front soon. Fingers crossed!

I certainly have a lot of love for this game. Although I never owned a Nintendo Wii, I borrowed my sister’s console over the Christmas of 2014 and had a great time Wisping my way through Dr Eggman’s alien deathtrap (Tropical Resort and Sweet Mountain were particular highlights.) I never finished the game though, so I’d love the opportunity to have another crack – preferably with my PS4 controller!

What are your memories of Sonic Colors? Is the game ripe for a revival on another platform? Do you think we have good reason to be optimistic, or is this all a lot of fuss over nothing? Let me know in the comments below.

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