Is Red Dead Redemption 2 coming to PC?

If you’re a PC gamer and have been feeling a little ‘left out in the cold’ by the recent Red Dead Redemption 2 phenomenon, then you could be in luck. A crumb of comfort has been thrown – a tiny nugget of optimism, and one that I don’t fully understand, but will try my best to explain to you.

The information comes from a GTAForums member called BlackScout, who dug through the code of the game’s Android app and unearthed a few lines of information which seemed to suggest that a PC version of RDR2 could be in the offing. The most significant of these lines are the ones which allude to graphics presets such as “low” and “ultra,” which are more synonymous with PC games as opposed to console titles. Ahum, yes, indeed.

However, the real ‘smoking gun’ can be seen with these lines of code:

  • PARAM_companionAutoConnectIpPC
  • CommandIsPcVersion(void)    000000000166A12C

Now, I know nothing about coding, but a layman’s reading of the first line of text could indicate nothing more than linking the game up to the PC somehow? Possibly? However, I find the second line (which specifically mentions “PC Version”) to be the most suspicious. Although of course it does say “void” which I know probably means something completely different in the world of coding, but it doesn’t rule out the possibility that a PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2 was once developed, but then abandoned?

My gut feeling, though, is that we will definitely be getting RDR2 on the PC at some point. It’s a high-end, triple A title that would certainly squeeze the last ounces of juice from many an over-clocked machine, and would no doubt look phenomenal. Heck, it’s looking pretty great on consoles.

For now, though, we’ll have to wait and see. Have you played Red Dead Redemption 2  yet? If so are you enjoying? Or are you holding out to see if a PC version of the game will eventually materialise? Let me know in the comments below.

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