Spooky new track for Team Sonic Racing revealed

If you’re still grieving over the news that Team Sonic Racing has been delayed until May 2019, then we have a lifeline for you: a brand new circuit has been revealed, and it looks very exciting! Or, rather, it sounds very exciting, as the actual reveal is a new music track courtesy of Sonic stalwarts Jun Senoue and Tee Lopes. Have a listen…

Titled Boo’s House, long-term Sonic fans will notice many a nod to the past in both the musical arrangement and the graphics. First, the tune riffs on the classic Sandopolis soundtrack from 1994’s Sonic & Knuckles, but in a rock-heavy rendition that’s more reminiscent of the glory days of Sonic Adventure 2.

And speaking of Sonic Adventure 2, how could we forget the comedic and terrifying King Boom Boo – a boss tackled by Knuckles in the dreaded Pyramid Cave, and who can be seen peering out from behind a pillar in the above video. Does this mean that he will be making a return appearance in Team Sonic Racing? Quite possibly. Which is cool, so long as I don’t have to fight him… That boss fight from SA2 was one of the most frustrating on record. Okay, I mean I could defeat him in one sitting these days, but as an easily-angered teenager it made me want to throw my Dreamcast controller out the window (as documented here.)

All in all, this is a fun Halloween tidbit to tide us over until May. What do you think of Boo’s House? Too retro, or just the right amount of nostalgia? Let me know in the comments below.

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