Is a Sonic Adventure remake on the cards?

I suppose we need to be cautious about reading too much into those “off the cuff” comments that people make in interviews, but this is the internet, and I am only too happy to fan the flames of speculative discourse. Kuu!

Sonic Team’s Takashi Iizuka recently gave an interview to Retro Gamer in which he spoke about the development of one of the Sonic franchise’s most beloved titles – 1998’s Sonic Adventure, which was a launch title on the short-lived Sega Dreamcast. I can seriously recommend giving the whole interview a peruse, but there’s one particular section that’s got the internet talking. Namely, the part which alludes to the possibility of a Sonic Adventure remake…

“[Sonic Adventure] was the first highspeed 3D action game that also featured a scenario highlighted with six different stories, the A-life Chao, six unique styles of gameplay – it is a unique game offering even 20 years after its release. At the time, it also wasn’t just a solitary software release, it was the title to bring people to the Dreamcast and we were given the budget to make something to showcase the hardware. However, it was the very first 3D game that we worked on and looking at it now I can see the rough edges it has, which really makes me want to remake it again.”

Now, I think this is quite obviously a case of a developer looking back fondly on a successful project and going, “ah yes, it’d be nice to revisit that at some point.” So maybe rein in your expectations if you’re hoping that some Dreamcast-inspired shenanigans are currently taking place in a dark room in Tokyo. Because they’re probably not.


Wouldn’t it be incredible though? I mean, in a way we’ve already had a taste of what it could be like. Sonic Unleashed (for all its faults) was very like Sonic Adventure in many ways, and 2011’s Sonic Generations re-imagined the classic Speed Highway and Perfect Chaos boss battle (in the PS3 / 360 versions, at least.) In short, the idea of a fully-fledged Sonic Adventure remake with all the bells and whistles of the current generation’s hardware gives me palpitations.

Although I’m probably hoping for a bit much. Still, Sega has been pretty quiet as to what the future of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise might hold, so we can’t completely rule out the possibility of a 4K Emerald Coast running at 120fps. And Takashi Iizuka is the head of Sonic Team, so y’know – if he wants to remake the game that badly, he’s free to do so. Failing that – Kickstarter anyone?

How would you feel about a Sonic Adventure remake? Should be the original be left preserved and untouched? Or is the time ripe for the return of Tikal and the Ancient Light? Let me know in the comments below.

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