New Angel of Darkness details emerge

A Facebook livestream with the makers of Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness has revealed some tantalising new details about the game’s development.

The stream was hosted on Saturday 16th February by Ash Kapriélov who, together with composer Peter Connelly and team, is leading the ambitious Tomb Raider: The Dark Angel campaign, which aims to produce a high-quality album of Connelly’s musical contributions to the Tomb Raider franchise. The stream marked the original Lara Croft’s 52nd birthday, and saw Kapriélov, Connelly and the game’s writer Murti Schofield sit down to play the The Angel of Darkness to help promote the ongoing work of The Dark Angel project.


The Angel of Darkness is arguably one of the most mysterious games in the Tomb Raider franchise, owing to its many hidden, deleted and partially-deleted features that pointed to a much broader and multi-faceted story. It was, of course, intended to be the first game of a brand new trilogy, which sadly had to be abandoned after the publisher Eidos Interactive handed the series over to developer Crystal Dynamics in the United States.

And over the course of the livestream, Murti Schofield and Peter Connelly revealed some intriguing details about the game that you may not have previously been aware of. Here’s a low-down of some of the tidbits that emerged…

  • One of Core Design’s employees hid the names of his family members in The Angel of Darkness title screen.
  • The game’s opening theme contains an accidental ‘door knock’ sound effect, that was actually the sound of a chair being moved during the original recording.
  • The pawnshop owner Daniel Rennes was in fact an explosives expert, and the son of Bernard the park keeper from the Parisian Ghetto.
  • Le Serpent Rouge (the game’s nightclub) actually referred to a secret saying of the Knights Templar, “le serpent rouge…”
  • The password “pluit noir” which Lara uses to gain access to the gangster Bouchard was a reference to the film of the same title – Black Rain.
  • The character of Arnaud, who is looking a little worse for wear in Bouchard’s hideout, was attacked following an unseen encounter with Kurtis Trent.
  • Werner Von Croy (Lara’s mentor who is murdered in the game’s opening) was originally intended to be Jean Yves – a character who had previously appeared in The Last Revelation (TR4).
  • Margot Carvier (Von Croy’s friend from the Louvre) has maps of Cappadocia, Turkey, hanging in her office. This is a reference to the location of the next game in the series – The Lost Dominion – which, sadly, was never produced.
  • The assassin who appears at Von Croy’s apartment is actually called Emmett Rough – alias The Pinkerton – who had previously been involved in a skirmish with Constantine, the father of Kurtis Trent. He later escaped to Europe and became embroiled with The Agency, run by Gunderson, where he began working as a hitman.
  • Luther Rouzic – the librarian from the Prague City Archives, who didn’t appear in the final game – was also known as the Tsar of Nails, owing to his unhealthy interest in… well, nails.
  • There was originally meant to be a sarcophagus in the Strahov Complex, in which the Nephilim creature would have been delivered from Turkey.

And if these nuggets of information have sufficiently whetted your appetite, there’s more on the way. Murti Schofield is currently compiling a document known as Kurtis’ Diary, which will be a collection of notes from the journal of Kurtis Trent’s father Constantine. It will be approximately 30 pages long and will be available in The Dark Angel shop, where customers can also buy other pieces of merchandise such as pendants, t-shirts and statues, all of which will go towards funding The Dark Angel symphony.



And what of The Dark Angel? The project was successfully funded last year, and composer Peter Connelly is currently working hard to produce the best possible final product, which is why he and the team are trying to raise as much finance as possible. They have enlisted the services of Dr. Richard Niles to help arrange the final pieces, and they are hoping to record some live sessions with extra musicians. So – if you’d like to support the project, head over to The Dark Angel shop and see if there’s anything that takes your fancy (at the time of writing, there are still some pieces of original Angel of Darkness concept artwork available to buy…) Or you can donate directly to the project here.

The Dark Angel Symphony is scheduled to be released towards the end of 2019, and will contain music from Tomb Raider The Last Revelation (TR4), Tomb Raider Chronicles (TR5) and The Angel of Darkness (TR6). Read my interview with composer Peter Connelly here.

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