There’s a brand new Sonic game on its way

In news that will either delight or terrify you, it would seem there’s a brand new Sonic game in the works. And no, I’m not referring to the upcoming Team Sonic Racing, which is due out in May (exciting though that is!)

The news comes courtesy of the head of Sonic Team – Takashi Iizuka – who took to the stage at the latest SXSW and confirmed that the next major Sonic the Hedgehog title had already “begun production” – but that it wouldn’t be arriving anytime soon. Dang nabbit.

But before you start crying into your chilli dogs, there’s plenty of wiggle room with this statement, for the optimists amongst you. For starters, “begun production” can mean a plethora of things, and whilst it’s unlikely that a brand new Sonic game will be landing in 2019, it doesn’t rule out a 2020 launch. So in theory, you could be charging through yet another re-imagined Green Hill Zone (sorry!) in less than 12 months. Yasssss.


download (5)
The sublime Sonic Mania.

Moreover, Iizuka was only referring to the output from the core Sonic Team itself, and the next pillar release would undoubtedly pick up from where the previous title – Sonic Forces – left off. So in the meantime, this doesn’t rule out another game from Christian Whitehead and company, who delivered the somewhat marvellous Sonic Mania in 2017.  (Unless anyone’s heard differently? I would’ve thought a sequel to Sonic Mania was inevitable, given its impressive reception…)

With that in mind, then, it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that a Whitehead creation could land on consoles before the year is out, for those of us who are already experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

Also – as I previously mentioned – let’s not forget that Team Sonic Racing is coming out in a few weeks’ time. And although it’s first and foremost a go-karting adventure, it’s still set in the colourful Sonic universe, with some affectionate nods to the past for those of a nostalgic ilk. Plus, it’s accompanied by a fun little animated series (see below) and that’s before we even consider the upcoming Sonic movie (fur and all!) that’s due out this winter.

So if you’re feeling a little starved of rotating rings / Wisps / Dark Gaia(?!) remember that there’s still plenty of Sonic goodness on its way as we patiently / nervously wait for the next game.

Speaking of which, what would you most like to see from a brand new Sonic game? Let me know in the comments below, and check out this piece for my thoughts on what the future could hold for the blue blur.

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