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I’m not ready for a diskless console

Rumour has it that the next iteration of Xbox hardware will be a diskless console. Now this makes a lot of sense – apparently, 80 per cent of video game sales (in the UK at least) are now digital, so you can hardly accuse Microsoft of trying to impose a lifestyle onto unwilling consumers. Like it or not, digital is […]

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Farewell, The Know – and thank you!

Ah, yesterday was a sad day. Rooster Teeth’s The Know closed its doors for the last time, re-branding itself as a ‘new’ gaming channel dubbed Inside Gaming. The future looks very bright for the team – and I wish them all the best – but I can’t help feeling a bit sad that The Know as we know it is, […]

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My favourite games of 2018

Now is the winter of our disc content! I think I played more new games in 2018 than in any other year. Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the case for a lot of people, particularly given the barrage of new titles that assaulted players’ wallets in the later months. And to be honest, I don’t think I […]

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Is Red Dead Redemption 2 too long?

Yes I’m going there. It’s always so much easier to nit-pick as opposed to praise, and with Red Dead Redemption 2 receiving such unanimous acclaim from every corner of the internet, I feel it’s my moral duty to chime in with my niggles about this beautifully crafted game, with which I have a complex relationship. Oof. There is no denying the […]

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Does screen time cause depression?

Disclaimer: This is going to be the least scientific piece on depression you’ve ever read! But it is based on actual research (as in, my own life experiences.) And I’m aware that this question alone is enough to fill a whole doctorate, but I promise I shall be concise. Okay, and breathe 🙂 So I was considering writing a piece […]

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Does the crunch culture of video games need to evolve?

I recently read an interview with one of Rockstar Games’ founders Dan Houser which prompted me to put this quick post together. It’s probably not going to be as long or as comprehensive as I’d like it to be; the ‘crunch culture’ of the video games industry is something I would like to properly investigate, and conduct real interviews with […]

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Will the Fortnite craze last forever?

There’s a little game called Fortnite that’s been doing incredibly well recently. Indeed, so intense is the Fortnite craze that in August 2018 the game reportedly came close to hitting 80 million players, which is crazy-numbers. Moreover, the iOS iteration has been downloaded over 100 million times, and Epic Games – the developer – is now estimated to be worth an eye-watering $14 […]

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Console wars! PS3 vs. Xbox 360

Here’s a little gem from the Al Survive archives – the first gaming piece I ever wrote, 11 years ago! (It was originally published on MySpace – that’s how ancient it is.) I’d been locked in a bitter war with a friend at uni about which gaming console was the superior purchase – the PS3 or the Xbox 360. This […]

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Fortnite crossplay: Should Sony say sorry?

On Wednesday, Sony finally backed down and allowed players on all consoles to play Fortnite together, regardless of which system they were using. The news was met with universal approval, and sighs of relief were breathed across the netosphere. However, what fascinates me is the line that most news outlets are opening with: specifically the words “backing down” and “giving in.” […]

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Is a Nintendo Switch PR crisis looming?

Prepare yourselves for a doom-laden post! The sky is falling, Nintendo is going under, we’ll never play a console game again…!! Actually, despite the sensationalist headline, I do intend to ask a legitimate question: Is a Nintendo Switch PR crisis looming? I’m not sure of the answer, but I work on the fringes of the PR world in my day-to-day […]

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Kids’ Fortnite pain as mum destroys iPads

Fortnite pain has been felt in a celebrity’s household after it was revealed that the celebrity in question disciplined her children by smashing their iPads. Apparently, this came about because the rules regarding screen-time (particularly with Fornite and PUBG) were not being observed, and the parent decided to disable the infernal devices by whacking them against a table. Youch. In fairness to the […]