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What is Apex Legends?

Good news if you’re a battle royale fan! Another free-to-play title has landed in the gamesphere, and it’s available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Origin on PC. Titled Apex Legends, the game is set within the universe of the Titanfall franchise, although it’s not a direct sequel so prior knowledge of the IP is not essential. Which is just as well. *Googles Titanfall… […]

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Will the Fortnite craze last forever?

There’s a little game called Fortnite that’s been doing incredibly well recently. Indeed, so intense is the Fortnite craze that in August 2018 the game reportedly came close to hitting 80 million players, which is crazy-numbers. Moreover, the iOS iteration has been downloaded over 100 million times, and Epic Games – the developer – is now estimated to be worth an eye-watering $14 […]

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Fortnite crossplay: Should Sony say sorry?

On Wednesday, Sony finally backed down and allowed players on all consoles to play Fortnite together, regardless of which system they were using. The news was met with universal approval, and sighs of relief were breathed across the netosphere. However, what fascinates me is the line that most news outlets are opening with: specifically the words “backing down” and “giving in.” […]

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Kids’ Fortnite pain as mum destroys iPads

Fortnite pain has been felt in a celebrity’s household after it was revealed that the celebrity in question disciplined her children by smashing their iPads. Apparently, this came about because the rules regarding screen-time (particularly with Fornite and PUBG) were not being observed, and the parent decided to disable the infernal devices by whacking them against a table. Youch. In fairness to the […]

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Is the Fortnite craze harming your child?

No, the Fortnite craze probably isn’t harming your child. Actually, I can’t believe that I’ve allowed myself to be sucked into this discussion of click-bait proportions, but I read an article today that tickled me. It was from the Birmingham Mail and the headline read: “Parents urged to keep kids off Fortnite – here’s 20 ways to do it.” Urged! Kids! Keep […]