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sega game gear micro
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Where can you get a Sega Game Gear Micro?

Are you hoping to get a Sega Game Gear Micro? Look no further! It shouldn’t be a problem… if you live in Japan ūüėČ In June, Sega announced a brand new console for its Asian customers. Known as the Sega Game Gear Micro, the handheld comes in a variety of colours (each with their own specific game libraries) and at […]

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Crash Team Racing vs. Team Sonic Racing: Which one should you buy?

Every once in a while we find ourselves paralysed by indecision. PlayStation or Xbox? Fortnite or Apex? Charmander or Squirtle? Over the next couple of months, gamers of a more thrifty ilk will have to make a tough judgement call between two beloved franchises, both of which are launching colourful racing games.¬†First we have¬†Team Sonic Racing¬†due out on May 21st […]

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Sonic movie: Should Sonic the Hedgehog have fur?

Yes I was rather surprised about this. It’s fair to say that – when it comes to¬†Sonic the Hedgehog –¬†any announcement regarding an upcoming project is likely to incite a fair amount of venom. And I apologise for saying that, fellow¬†Sonic fans – but it’s kind of true. Don’t feel bad. Like, I’m a lifelong¬†Doctor Who fan, but I still […]

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Kuu! The best and worst Sonic games

There are few things that¬†Sonic the Hedgehog¬†fans feel more passionately about than judging the quality of the troubled mascot’s adventures. None of us can agree on the best and worst Sonic games; I for one think that¬†Sonic 3 and Knuckles is a thing of beauty. One of my friends thinks it’s “absolute garbage.” How to decide once and for all? […]

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The heartbreak of Sonic Adventure 2

This is probably the understatement of the century, but many of us develop emotional attachments to video games. It’s probably what fans the flames of nostalgia when we get to see ‘re-imagined’ versions of Crash Bandicoot or Spyro the Dragon on our screens; I certainly feel a pang of Something when I see¬†Tomb Raider 2¬†load up, or even when I […]

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Green Hill will be in the Sonic movie!

Here’s a fun bit of news. A leaked photo from the filming of the upcoming¬†Sonic the Hedgehog¬†movie confirms that the much-loved Green Hill Zone will be featured as one of the story’s locations! Check out this tweet from Twitter user @twip98… The Sonic Movie is saved — Ben (TWIP) (@twip98) August 2, 2018 I find this really funny considering […]

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Best Sonic game ever? It’s top marks for Sonic Mania Plus

Is¬†Sonic Mania Plus¬†the best Sonic game ever? Well – let’s come back to that. It’s certainly the highest reviewed Sonic game in the last 25 years, which is amazing news. Check out this tweet from the official¬†Sonic the Hedgehog¬†Twitter account… With a 90 Metascore on Nintendo Switch, Sonic Mania Plus is now the highest-rated Sonic game in 25 years. Thank […]

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Team Sonic Racing: There’s no ‘I’ in Team?

With (both)¬†Sonic Forces fans itching for more platforming action, the next game in the blue hedgehog¬†series might not be quite what they’d envisaged. Team Sonic Racing¬†is scheduled to release in Q4 of 2018 and, as the name suggests, it’ll be in a different league to previous titles¬†Sonic Mania¬†and, ahem,¬†Sonic Boom. Of course, racing isn’t an entirely new concept in the […]

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The original Sonic the Hedgehog is coming to the Switch!

I wonder if there are any gamers out there who have yet to play the original¬†Sonic the Hedgehog? If so, this could be their chance to indulge, as Nintendo has announced that the original Megadrive game is coming to the Switch this August. It’s being bundled with¬†Thunderforce IV¬†as part of the Sega Ages lineup, which sees a number of classic […]

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SDCC 2018: What next for Sonic?

San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC 2018) is coming up this week, and there’s some good news for Sonic the Hedgehog fans. Well, hopefully. The event, which kicks off on the 19th July, will boast its very own Sonic panel, self-effacingly titled Sonic the Hedgehog’s Way Past Cool Panel. Which sets the bar pretty darn high in terms of expectations. According to […]

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They’ve finally made a Sonic toaster!

“No way! I can’t believe this!” Sega has done the unthinkable and FINALLY released a Sonic toaster. Great! Now we can… erm… uhhh… In marketing, they say the trick is to fulfil needs that people don’t realise they have, and Sega clearly had this at the forefront of their minds when they decided to make an appliance that could burn […]

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Is it time to let go of Green Hill, Sonic?

Say goodbye to Green Hill Sonic. Please. Think of the children. When Sonic burst onto our TV screens in 1991, he caused quite a stir. Players who had been previously constrained to the strolling pace of an Italian plumber suddenly found themselves defying gravity and somersaulting over cavernous spaces with all the finesse of a Russian trapeze artist. And the […]