Team Sonic Racing: There’s no ‘I’ in Team?

With (both) Sonic Forces fans itching for more platforming action, the next game in the blue hedgehog series might not be quite what they’d envisaged. Team Sonic Racing is scheduled to release in Q4 of 2018 and, as the name suggests, it’ll be in a different league to previous titles Sonic Mania and, ahem, Sonic Boom.

Of course, racing isn’t an entirely new concept in the Sonicverse. In fact it’s almost as old as the franchise itself; the 2P mode of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was basically a mad sprint to the finish, with a spattering of hilarious teleporters thrown in for good measure. And then there’s Sonic R, and the go-karting elements of Sonic Adventure, plus the full-on circuit busters in the form of Sonic and All Stars Racing and its sequel Transformed. I’m actually friends with two of the people from the dev team of the latter, dahhling. (I have to slip that here because… Well where else could I say it?)

However, where Team Sonic Racing looks set to be different is in its gameplay style. Apparently the word “team” is quite critical to the way in which the title is undertaken, and although players can choose an ‘every man for himself’ approach and leave their loving teammates to the wrath of Iblis (or similar), racers are encouraged to take a more co-operative approach to circuits. For example, the game rewards points depending on how well players work with their team members, and as such they are encouraged to share power-ups with fellow drivers who may be lagging behind. These points are worth collecting because they help to fill up the Ultimate Meter which – once at critical mass – unleashes a speed boost which will transform the streets of Spagonia into a streaky blur.

But which team to pick? Here are your choices (so far…)

  • Team Sonic – with Sonic, Tails and Knuckles
  • Team Dark – with Shadow, Rouge and E123 Omega
  • Team Rose – with Big, Amy and selected chao

We’re still waiting to hear which team Eggman and Egg Pawn will feature on, and who knows, there may even be appearances from Chaos, Zavok, or even Dark Gaia?? Endless possibilities…

Anyway, each of the gangs in Team Sonic Racing will fall into three distinct categories: Speed, Power and Technique. Goodness knows how they’ll label Team Rose given their general lack of speed, power or tact (ouch!) but maybe there will be a Secret Option Number Four involving some unique fishing rod / Piko Piko unlockable. You heard it here first.

How do you feel about the ‘co-operative’ approach to Sonic’s next adventure? It sounds great to me and I’m really looking forward to engaging in some legitimate Christian motoring with my fellow drivers, all the while loading my Ultimate Meter. Of death. No worries if you’re more of a lone wolf, though – there’s a story-driven single player mode for those who prefer the solitary path.

Click here to pre-order Team Sonic Racing on the PS4 and help support this site.

Click here to pre-order on the Xbox One.

Click here to pre-order on the Nintendo Switch.

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