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Team Sonic Racing story revealed; still no release date

Some interesting new details have emerged about the upcoming Team Sonic Racing from Sumo Digital. The game is currently slated for an ambiguous “winter 2018” – which is a tad worrying – but let’s remain optimistic that the blue hedgehog and his fellow anthropomorphs can make it to this year’s Christmas rush. Indeed, Sega is keen to keep building interest in […]

Sonic 2

Should we be worried about Team Sonic Racing?

Things are very quiet on the Team Sonic Racing front. The last time I checked Wikipedia, there was still no solid release date for the upcoming kart game from UK-based Sumo Digital. This surprises me, given that the game is currently slated to arrive sometime in Q4 2018, which is anytime after October 1st. So when I ask, “should we be worried […]

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Disney, Sonic and Snake Pass: An interview with producer David Wall

David Wall is a game producer at Tag Games in Dundee, Scotland. Over the last decade, he’s worked on such titles as Pokémon Black and White, Disney Infinity, Snake Pass, Sonic and All Stars Racing: Transformed and Doctor Who: The Adventure Games. His favourite all-time game is Deus Ex, and he champions coffee and Marmite. Dave was a difficult man to secure an interview with, and […]