Team Sonic Racing story revealed; still no release date

Some interesting new details have emerged about the upcoming Team Sonic Racing from Sumo Digital. The game is currently slated for an ambiguous “winter 2018” – which is a tad worrying – but let’s remain optimistic that the blue hedgehog and his fellow anthropomorphs can make it to this year’s Christmas rush.

Indeed, Sega is keen to keep building interest in the game, which is great news, and it has released some new details over at 4gamer. Now, for those of you who don’t speak Japanese, I shall be using Siliconera as my source and hope that they’ve gotten the translation right!

Has Sonic secretly revealed the release date in Japanese?

First up is the story, which is broken into chapters. These chapters consist of a number of challenge missions and side races, including one where racers compete to achieve the highest number of rings within a time limit. But why bother? Well – the premise is that Sonic and his friends receive a mysterious invitation from the equally mysterious Dodonpa, who is rather keen for them all to take part in a Grand Prix. Despite looking like Doctor Eggman’s long-lost cousin, and seemingly undeterred by the randomness of it all, Sonic and his chums devise teams and take on the suspicious Dodonpa’s racing challenges.

As players progress they can unlock new parts for their cars, and these can be carried over into the game’s other modes, such as Grand Prix, Exhibition and Time Trial. The Adventure (story) mode can also be played co-operatively, so at least when Dodonpa is unmasked as the evil maniac who wants to crush your soul, you won’t face death alone.

Grand Prix mode consists of four courses, with the aim being to accumulate as many points as possible. Exhibition, meanwhile, allows you to replay and customise your favourite course (at least in terms of how many rivals you’re up against, how many laps you will be racing etc.) Time Trial kind of speaks for itself, but you will be able to race against the ‘ghosts’ of some of the best players from around the world, which promises to be both exciting and humbling.

Ice Mountain.

Sega has also revealed a beautiful new track called the Ice Mountain, which comes with frozen pillars (perfect for crashing into) and frozen bends (perfect for skidding off and falling headlong into the abyss.) Apparently it’s a medium-difficulty circuit, though, so hopefully there won’t be too many fatalities.

This is all solid appetite-whetting stuff, but please can we have a release date Sega? There are only three and a half months of 2018 left! Please give us something nice to mark on our calendars.

What are you most looking forward to about Team Sonic Racing? Let me know in the comments below.

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