They’ve finally made a Sonic toaster!

“No way! I can’t believe this!” Sega has done the unthinkable and FINALLY released a Sonic toaster. Great! Now we can… erm… uhhh…

In marketing, they say the trick is to fulfil needs that people don’t realise they have, and Sega clearly had this at the forefront of their minds when they decided to make an appliance that could burn Sonic the Hedgehog’s face onto people’s breakfast.

Apparently, it came about as a result of demand. Sega promised that they would produce the device if they received enough pre-orders by July 12, and this actually happened. So far 1,600 people have put Sonic toast at their top of their menus.

Okay, I’m jesting a little, but I do think this is genuinely cool. I mean, I don’t feel a particular need for a Sonic toaster in my life, but I love the fact that I now have the option. It’s quite competitively-priced as well at a respectable $34.95 (they didn’t pay me to say that) so if you’ve been on the fence, now might be the time to indulge! See here.

What about you? Will you be embracing the world of Sonic toast??

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