Diablo 3 on Switch: The news everyone’s been waiting for?

It’s official – Diablo 3 is coming out on the Nintendo Switch! You can buy it on the, ahh, erm, Soonish of Somtober, as Nintendo hasn’t actually issued a release date, other than vaguely aiming for “probably fall.”

The action-packed RPG from developer Blizzard actually came out six years ago on the PC, followed by a PS3 and Xbox 360 launch in 2013, but its fan base is such that an arrival on the Nintendo Switch has been warmly welcomed. (In fact, there are only 10 dislikes on the UK version of the trailer, which is currently closing in on 7,000 views, so that’s got to mean something, right?)

And for those of you who have already completed Diablo 3 five times in hardcore mode, there are a few gems of value-added-content that could pull you towards the Switch iteration. For starters, it’s dubbed the Eternal Collection, meaning that it comes with all of the game’s previous expansions and content, including Reaper of Souls and Rise of the Necromancer, and Switch-specific exclusives include a Ganondorf (from The Legend of Zelda) cosmetic armour, a Tri-Force portrait frame, and an Echoes of the Mask cosmetic wings set.

Also, with it being a Nintento Switch title, obviously you can do your Diablo-ing in docked mode or on-the-go, and four person multiplayer is available on a single console, or alternatively you can hook four separate consoles together locally. This is set to expand when Nintendo Switch Online launches in September, with players from around the world being able to team up via the magic of the internet. (But will the PS4 support cross-play?? *ducks)

The title will also run at a native 720p in handheld mode and at 960p in docked mode, with a native 60 frames per second being available in both. So not only will your attacks look sharp, but they will look smooth as well.

It’s clear that there’s still an incredible appetite for the game and indeed for the Diablo franchise as a whole. In fact, the developer Blizzard caused a bit of an internet meltdown in February when it tweeted a video of the Diablo logo being used as a light switch (see what they did…) The company denied that there was aaaaaaaany hidden meaning behind this at all, but this latest news does of course make such social mediary seem a tad suspect, in hindsight.

In addition, there’s definitely more on the way for Diablo fans; Blizzard’s community manger Brandy Camel said as much in a recent video

We have multiple Diablo projects in the works. Some of them are going to take longer than others, but we may have some things to show you later this year. We hope you stay tuned while we work to bring these Diablo experiences to life.

So – don’t hang up your Amberwing just yet.

Click here to buy Diablo III on the PS4 and help support this site.

Click here to purchase on the Xbox One.


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