Coming soon: A gaming phone from Samsung?

Hot on the heels of the announcement that Huawei is taking on the Nintendo Switch with its Mate 20 X, we now have this curious Samsung tidbit courtesy of Softpedia News. Apparently, the South Korean firm is hard at work developing a new mobile gaming rival – one that could potentially thwart Huawei’s masterplan and consign the beloved Nintendo Switch to the annals of history.

Well, maybe not, but it’s an interesting development nonetheless. Alas, there’s not much else to say at this point so it must remain firmly in the category of Rumour; literally, the only takeaway is that Samsung might be working on a gaming smartphone. All the hottest scoops here at Al Survive 😉

However, there’s much to speculate about. First, could Samsung indeed be working on a mobile gaming device to rival the Switch and, uhh, the Huawei? Well if I were a betting man, my money would fall on ‘yes’; the Nintendo Switch continues to demonstrate just how powerful the world of on-the-go gaming currently is, and with popular titles such as Pokémon Go continuing to sell like crazy, it’s clear that gamers (casual or not) are unlikley to abandon their handsets anytime soon.

download (1)
Huawei dropped something of a bombshell with its Mate 20 X.

Moreover, there are a couple of interesting ways that tech companies such as Samsung could legitimately challenge the Switch. The battery life is arguably one of these, with the Switch managing anything in the region of two to six and a half hours’ worth of juice, depending on how graphically intense the title is. But then of course, the Nintendo Switch may soon be in a position to compete against itself, if the rumours of an upgraded console are to be believed.

In summary: all to play for! In reality, I doubt even the most powerful Samsung device would ever be able to win over the hardcore gamer, but an optimised smartphone could certainly woo a few casuals. And whilst it’s unclear as to what Samsung has in the pipeline, we might not have to wait too long as the company is holding a special developer conference next month, which could yield a few crumbs of information. Strap yourselves in!!

How would you feel about a Samsung phone that was optimised for gaming? Could you see yourself sinking a lot of time into such a device? And would a superior battery be enough to tempt you away from the Nintendo Switch? Let me know in the comments below.

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