Science proves that Xbox players are superior

Firstly, apologies for the somewhat click-baity title, but it was too juicy to resist! I stumbled across this news story during my daily Google Alerts skim and it seemed amusing enough for a write-up. Science, it would seem, has finally demonstrated that people who game on Xbox consoles are in fact the more talented players. Discuss.

Actually, there isn’t that much to discuss given that the results of the highly scientific experiment have been laid bare for all to see. The damning / joyous information (delete as applicable) comes courtesy of the hardware manufacturer LG, in collaboration with the game publisher Activision, with the two companies having set out to determine which gaming platform bred the most talented players.

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Bow down to their supremacy…

The, ahem, “study” was undertaken using a special programme dubbed Elite Reaction, which you can try for yourself here. The respondent is first asked to confirm their gaming platform of preference, and is then subjected to a short reaction test, in which they are bombarded with flashing lights which they must click within a short time frame. It’s a simple but effective initiative which has delivered rock solid results that are beyond dispute.

And as much as it pains me to say it (as a PS4 stalwart) the winners of this “experiment” are gamers from Microsoft’s Xbox, who were able to hit 78 per cent of the targets. PS4 players came in second place with a result of 74 per cent, with PC gamers lagging behind at a more modest 70 per cent (presumably, people who play on the Nintendo Switch are in a league of their own…)

Personally, I had a reaction score of 74 which put me in the top 30 per cent of gamers, thus proving that all those hours of grinding my way through Sonic Unleashed have paid off.

Come at me, Xbox players.

Anyway, let me know what you think of these results. Are Xbox players really more talented? Are there any flaws in this television manufacturer’s scientific method? And how did you perform? Leave your answers, and scores, in the comments below!

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