Sega launches Sonic Green Hill Zone candle

Apparently this is not a joke! You can now purchase a Sonic the Hedgehog collectable like no other… Specifically, a Sonic Green Hill Zone candle, courtesy of Sega.

Whilst this has all the trappings of an April Fool, I can confirm that it is January, and this item is currently on sale in Sega’s online store for the slightly eye-watering sum of £30.00 (or around €34.00 if you’re in Europe.) Alas, if you’re in North America – or indeed anywhere apart from the UK and Europe – you’ll have to wait for the soothing scents of Green Hill to permeate your homes. Dang.

And whilst I’m not entiiiiiirely sure which Sonic fan actually asked for this, I must say it’s a fun and novel idea, and I certainly wouldn’t relegate my candle to the trash if I found it under the Christmas tree. According to the description (and indeed the video) it’s based on the classic ‘item box’ from the original MegaDrive title and features four designs, one on each face: invincibility, one-up, power sneakers, and rings.

In addition – and this is the real selling point – this exclusive bundle comes with a scented candle which is “reminiscent of the Green Hill Zone,” but until someone actually purchases it we’ll have to leave it to our imaginations as to what that might entail. Does anyone know if mechanical crabs have an odour…? Nintendo Life suggests “wet grass and sweaty hedgehogs,” which sounds about right.

Anyway you can purchase your very own Sonic Green Hill Zone candle here if you feel so inclined, and if you do, please get in touch and let me know how it smells. I’m intrigued. (But not enough to fork out £30.00 😉 )

In the meantime, let me know which other Sonic levels you would like to see getting the smell treatment. Is the world ready for a Death Egg deodorant? Or a Sky Deck-scented shower gel? The debate starts here!

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