Is a Pokémon Red movie in the works?

With the silver screen debut of Detective Pikachu just a few months away, the current rumour mill suggests that another Pokémon epic could soon be heading to theatres. According to the team at We Got This Covered, the next ‘pocket monster’ adaptation will be a big-screen version of the beloved Gameboy title Pokémon Red.

More specifically, the new movie will be an adaptation of both Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue – as they basically tell the same story – although I quite like the idea of two separate films with different Pokémon in each one. (With a Green version for Japanese audiences *chortle chortle.)

Pokémon Red originally launched in Japan in February 1996.

Apparently, these plans have come about owing to the immense confidence that producers Legendary Pictures have in their current project Detective Pikachu. And such is their enthusiasm that they are planning a whole universe of connected movies (not unlike the Star Wars franchise) with another mooted project being a spin-off film starring the mysterious Mewtwo.

I must say, these are certainly novel ideas. I’d watch. I would have a couple of reservations though. First, I’m still not entiiiiirely sold on the direction they’ve gone with Detective Pikachu, so if there was to be a Mewtwo movie then I’m not sure I’d want it to be in the same vain (as in, with copious amounts of fur and a heavy helping of sarcasm.) Just my opinion, of course.

Pokémon Green originally accompanied Red, and was only ever available in Japan.

Second (and this is not an original observation!) but cinematic adaptations of popular video games have a tendency to be… well, a little bad. And whilst I enjoyed all the Tomb Raider films and even Need for Speed, I wouldn’t champion them as silver screen masterpieces. Pokémon Redespecially, would need a very canny writer to make the premise work across ninety minutes of screen time. Because let’s face it, the original game isn’t exactly oozing with plot, and the dramatic tension that can be gleaned from the levelling-up of one’s Rattata is limited, to say the very least. I do, however, like the idea of the hero leaving home with an army of magical friends to triumph over a great evil (such as Team Rocket.) So the project definitely has legs.

That is, if the project is real, and it might not be. We’re still at the rumour stage, so rein in those expectations. Still, it’s an intriguing prospect, non? Would you like to see a movie adaptation of arguably one of the greatest Gameboy titles of all time? Or do you think the nail-biting battles of Kanto should be contained to the handhelds of yesteryear? Let me know in the comments below.

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